Check here for updates on our book sale

A couple of weeks ago I sent out to my subscribers a list of remaindered books that I was putting on sale. They have been going fast and I need a way to keep the list current, so that folks who are shopping for books don’t send me orders for which I have to reply, “sorry, that’s sold out.” So I will be posting an updated list here.  Please note that it will not be kept up to the minute; for that, you should check THE SUNDAY PAPER’S Facebook page, which will list the sold-out titles only, and be kept as current as humanly possible.

Non-subscribers are also welcome to order books. All proceeds will go to the Children’s Defense Fund, since these books came to me at no cost, from the remaining inventory of Beulah Enterprises, whose mission included supporting the now-defunct Children’s Mission of St. Paul and St. James.

To order, please call 203-624-2520, or send an email to, with the church’s name, mailing address, phone number, the name of a contact person, and an email address, plus the title(s) you wish to order, and how many copies. Quantities are limited, and sold-out titles will not be re-stocked.

Prepayment is not required, and we do not take credit cards. We will send you an invoice.

NOTE: Books are hardback and full color unless otherwise specified. This list is in alphabetical order by title, for easy reference.

Bible Stories for the 40 Days SOLD OUT
Blessings and Prayers (Judy Jarrett) SOLD OUT
Cain and Abel: Finding the Fruits of Peace Lg picture book 2 $10
Celtic Treasure SOLD OUT
A Child’s Bible (Paulist) Intermediate + (paper) 1 $5
DK Children’s Illustrated Bible SOLD OUT
Does God Ever Sleep? SOLD OUT
Does God Hear My Prayer SOLD OUT
Does God Know How To Tie Shoes? SOLD OUT
Especially Heroes Intermediate 8 $10
Four Feet, Two Sandals Picture book 1 $5
The Goodbye Boat SOLD OUT
I Sing a Song of the Saints of God SOLD OUT
If Nathan Were Here SOLD OUT
The New Banner Book Resource (paper) 2 $5
Noah, Build Your Boat Intermed/Read-aloud 8 $5
Noah’s Ark (Peter Spier) SOLD OUT
Noah’s Ark SOLD OUT
Noah’s Wife: The Story of Naamah SOLD OUT
North Star: St. Herman of Alaska Intermediate 2 $5
On Morning Wings SOLD OUT
Psalms for Young Children SOLD OUT
Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland (T dePaola) SOLD OUT
Remembering Mama SOLD OUT
The Song of Francis and the Animals SOLD OUT
The Story of Queen Esther SOLD OUT
The Story of Ruth SOLD OUT
The Student Bible Atlas Intermediate (paper) 2            $5
The Student Bible Guide SOLD OUT
Symbols of Faith: for intergenerational use SOLD OUT
Ten Amazing People SOLD OUT
This Amazing World: Poems and prayers Intermediate 1 $5
To Dance with God Faith nurture (paper) 1 $5
Tomie de Paola’s Book of Bible Stories SOLD OUT
What Does the Sky Say? SOLD OUT




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